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Operating table D.I. 203/ 208 meets the exacting requirements of modern operating rooms. It is specially designed for C-arm and image intensifier use and videolaparoscopic surgery.

Model 208 is similar to 203. D.I. 208 has mechanical and hydraulic driving mechanisms with either head or side commands, made to order. D.I. 203 has an electrical driving mechanism that consists of 3 electric motors operated by remote control.

Designs of the operating tables and accessories are the result of the joint work of our technicians and different specialist physicians.

Maintenance for DI. 203/208 is easy to do and costs are extremely low.

D.I. 203/ 208 includes several slots to fit a great number of accessories for different surgical disciplines (gynecology, urology, orthopedics -for which a set of attachable modules is available-, etc.)

The divided leg section is endowed with independent rising and lowering movements and 90º abduction. Moreover, it is easy to remove.

Flat headboard can be adjusted according to different angles and features a high rotation capability.

Back and divided leg sections are assembled on hydropneumatic springs, thus positioning of patients require minimum amount of strength.

Heavy H -frame base provides the table with great stability and makes it easy for the operating team to move around it. Furthermore, the base includes caster wheels which aid the operating table transport -facilitating the cleaning of the operating room- and a break system operated by a locking pedal.

D.I. 203 is adjusted by efficient American electric motors of low voltage. Motors are remote controlled and are warranted for 3 years.

D.I. 203/8 enables to perform any abdominal videolaparoscopic procedure- without exceptions.

It also comprises an x-ray tunnel which stretches from one end to the other in case a C-arm is not available.

Movements allowed are: Trendelenburg , reverse Trendelenburg, both left and right lateral tilt, height adjustment. They are electrically powered on D.I.203 and mechanically powered on D.I. 208.

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Base and Structure made of or coated in 304 Stainless Steel.

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